SciArt Exchange #XpandYourHorizon Challenges


Banner artwork by artists Adrianna Allen and Ashley De Jesus

Campaign Theme Overview:

If you think you are living in an isolated and confined space right now, try imagining traveling through space or living on a distant planet with a harsh environment. Where you live will be even more confined and isolated then!

We want to see the perfect space you imagine for yourself, either here on Earth, in space or on another planet.

We will have frequent fun activities related to #DesignYourHabitat. Things to think about, shows to watch, people to talk to, and artwork to make. Check our SciArt Exchange website Campaign page frequently or follow us on social media to learn about the most recent Campaign activities.

Share your work on Social Media:

We want to see your creative thoughts and artwork output! Post it online to your favorite platform and use the hashtags #DesignYourHabitat and #XpandYourHorizon so the world can see your ideas. We will follow along and share our favorites.

Submit via website:

All responses must be in English.

Read the Guidelines and the Competition Agreement first.

Contact Person

The contact person will receive updates regarding the artwork and is responsible for making sure that an entry is submitted properly-including a completed entry form, artwork, and a signed agreement for each artist.

The contact person receives any emails about the artwork and can be an artist, parent/guardian or teacher.

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Fill out information for each artist associated with an art entry, even if an artist is listed as the contact person. Each participating artist will receive an email describing how to sign the artist agreement form.

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