SciArt Exchange #DesignYourHabitat 2024

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Welcome to Design Your Habitat (DYH) 2.0: What Would Be Your Ideal Community in Space?

What will those communities need and look like? What might we learn from planning these space communities that benefits life back on Earth?

Create an artwork that imagines communities in space—a place where we're more than individuals. We’re vibrant neighborhoods, settlements, and interconnected spaces. Show us your vision through your unique visual art!

We will have additional activities related to #DesignYourHabitat. Check our SciArt Exchange website Campaign page frequently or follow us on social media to learn about the most recent Campaign opportunities.

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The contact person will receive updates regarding the artwork and is responsible for making sure that an entry is submitted properly-including a completed entry form, artwork, and a signed agreement for each artist.

The contact person receives any emails about the artwork and can be an artist, parent/guardian or teacher.

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